Powerchair direction indicators…

Having finally had a good day yesterday, I installed the puncture sealant in my powerchair tyres and, today, I ventured out for the first time, in a break between showers, to post a letter.

It’s the first time I’ve ridden a powerchair on the pavement for about 15 years – and the last. There weren’t  2 consecutive paving slabs that were level. Apart from massive discomfort, they’d shake my batteries to bits in no time.

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New powerchair – lightening the darkness…

Regular readers will know I’ve just bought a new powerchair, a Shoprider (aka Roma), Lugano.

To say I’m very pleased with it would be an understatement – it might well be the best chair I’ve had, and there’ve been a few. Part of its attraction is that, while it’s suppose to be a Class 2, 4mph pavement machine, in goes like the clappers. It’s at least as fast as my Class 3, 8mph scooter.  Actually, that was an over-estimation. Using my satnav to check the speed gave me between 5.5 and 6mph

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