It’s all gone bit pear-shaped…

In terms of travel, that is.

(NB: I wrote this over two days. If you come across a discontinuity anywhere, that’s why.)

On a more immediate note I started this yesterday (Monday), and it’s now Tuesday, late morning, and things are pretty scary. I just can’t function at all. I’m trying to finish this but it’s taken me hours to add a final couple of hundred words – I keep drifting off and my breathing is very poor. It’s not often my condition frightens me, but it does today. I might have said that – I know I typed it somewhere this morning – I’m just too exhausted to re-read this to try and find it. Apologies if it’s here twice.

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Powerchair direction indicators…

Having finally had a good day yesterday, I installed the puncture sealant in my powerchair tyres and, today, I ventured out for the first time, in a break between showers, to post a letter.

It’s the first time I’ve ridden a powerchair on the pavement for about 15 years – and the last. There weren’t  2 consecutive paving slabs that were level. Apart from massive discomfort, they’d shake my batteries to bits in no time.

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New powerchair – lightening the darkness…

Regular readers will know I’ve just bought a new powerchair, a Shoprider (aka Roma), Lugano.

To say I’m very pleased with it would be an understatement – it might well be the best chair I’ve had, and there’ve been a few. Part of its attraction is that, while it’s suppose to be a Class 2, 4mph pavement machine, in goes like the clappers. It’s at least as fast as my Class 3, 8mph scooter.  Actually, that was an over-estimation. Using my satnav to check the speed gave me between 5.5 and 6mph

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Getting a new powerchair, Part 2, and why the claimed range is a crock…

On Friday, my new powerchair arrives** – it could have been sooner, but despite the website claiming it’s in stock, it’s bloody not. FFS, that really pisses me off. I know a lot of vendors of high-price items do that, depending on fast delivery from the supplier’s warehouse, but that’s no excuse for claiming an item is in stock when it’s not.

**In the event, they screwed it up and were closed when the courier came to collect it at 14.48 on Thursday. It finally came on Monday, the 13th, causing me to miss a vital cardiology appointment.

Anyway, I’ve come to a conclusion – it’s the same conclusion I came to last year, about my lightweight manual chair, before I crashed and no longer had the strength (or the breath), to use it – I’m going to live in the thing. Apart from anything else, the pain in my feet is getting worse by the day – just wearing socks hurts. My feet were fried when I was struck by lightning in 1983, and have been excruciatingly painful ever since. I’ve had enough.

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Amber flashing light for Class 3 scooters & powerchairs…

For use on a dual carriageway, a Class 3 scooter or powerchair must, by law, display a flashing, amber, light to the rear. These are an absolute bugger to find. OK, one or two scooters have these as a ferociously expensive accessory, but for the most part, you’re on your own.

And before numpties post comments saying using chairs and scooters on dual carriageways is stupid and illegal – no, it’s not. It’s often essential, if only for a short distance, and Class 3 machines are road legal. Don’t believe everything you read in the Telegraph.

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Self-image on a mobility scooter…

An unusual item from my search engine list – “Worried how I look on a mobility scooter”.

Only one sensible thing I can say to that. Why?

Why should you care what other people, especially total strangers, think? It’s of no consequence, and if you need a scooter, that’s all that matters.

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Mobility scooters and powerchairs – what to wear…

This is a sequel to yesterday’s post.

The best advice I can give you is to avoid “disabled” clothing at all costs – it’s crap. Do what I do and buy your warm and waterproof clothing from people who specialise in such stuff – stores that cater to the backpacking and hillwalking community.

I get most of my stuff here .

One of the pleasures of using a scooter or powerchair (PC to save typing), in the summer is trundling around in the sunshine, but this being Britain, the focus should be on the cold and wet.

Let me tell you about a winter journey I made about 18 years ago, on my first scooter. I had a hospital appointment, but the hospital was 6 miles away and I had no idea what buses, if any, went there and, for some reason, the thought of getting a taxi just didn’t occur to me, but using my scooter did. That it was capable of making the round trip I had Continue reading

Let’s hit the road…

Well, crunch time has finally arrived – I’m housebound too much of the time now (it’s getting increasingly hard to walk at all), so I have to get a mobility scooter or a powerchair before I go down with cabin fever.

What finally decided me was that I felt too ill to go out yesterday, so I asked the pharmacy to deliver a prescription – they’re only a few minutes away by car and, anyway, they’re here every day delivering to other people. They never Continue reading