I bought a lemon – the conclusion. For now…

Finally, the long saga of my illegal powerchair has been brought to a conclusion. Though not without a further outbreak of hostilities on the part of R2M, illustrating further the unfamiliarity with the truth inherent in that company.

Apologies for the length of this, it’s unavoidable, but I’ve broken it into pages to make it easier for those who have trouble reading slabs of text.

On November 11, I faxed a letter to R2M’s CEO, Michael McRedmond, detailing just how my Pride Quantum 6000 failed to comply with UK law as it refers to Class 3 vehicles, as described in Continue reading

I bought a lemon update…

I had a very promising meeting with Trading Standards, on Wednesday, who are going to take up the matter with Route2Mobility. During our discussion the question of what laws applied to Class 3 vehicles came up. I couldn’t remember – my memory is shot to hell – so after they’d left I went to the Department for Transport’s website and had a look.

The law states that Continue reading

I’ve bought a lemon and I want my money back, part 4…

Update, September 26:-

I have, subsequent to my email to R2M, in part 3, received a letter from them saying exactly the same thing (so what’s the point?). It did, though, give me the opportunity to write to them at length, expanding on my email and on the subject of the increasing number of defects (used only indoors, now, things are still going wrong), and criticising their taking sides with the dealer, which is wholly improper (they should be entirely impartial), on September 21.

I have also sent a report to Trading Standards, who are coming to talk to me, and check out my chair on Continue reading

I’ve bought a lemon and I want my money back, Part 3…

The first item in this chain of posts can be read here and part 2 is here.

Part 1, stripped of any profanity, formed the contents of my first faxed letter to Route2Mobility, who are Motability’s Scooter and powerchair division. Sadly, it appears to be run by retards, as you shall see.

This is the email I received this afternoon, from Route2Mobility. As you’ll see if, like me, you have been suckered into buying a totally unsuitable and misrepresented scooter or powerchair, you will get no help from R2M.

Now read on (by the way, previously, names have been deleted; given the current circumstances, I see no need to continue with that, because anyone responsible for such crap deserves to be named:-

Dear Mr Graves, Continue reading

I’ve bought a lemon and I want my money back… Part 2

This is the latest instalment in the saga. As you can see, I have managed to get a reply from someone in authority at Route2Mobility, even though things have moved on not at all as yet.

Find Part 1 here.

Last Thursday I went to Sainsbury’s on the chair (and froze my nuts off, as it was more like November at 6.30 in the morning, but that’s another story), and it really is pretty fast – shame it’s so horrible. The night before I pumped up the tyres**, which have been a bit soft since I got it – and promptly found out why. Continue reading

Measuring the range of powerchairs and scooters…

If you have a powerchair, or scooter, and wonder why the claimed range is apparently a work of fiction (see I’ve bought a lemon and I want my money back… for the full story of my current problem), or are thinking of buying such a machine, this will be of interest to you. The following, abstracted from an Advertising Standards Authority judgement of Pride Mobility, in a complaint about the pitiful range of their Quantum 6000 powerchair, the one I have and wish I didn’t (they Continue reading

I’ve bought a lemon and I want my money back…

(With apologies to Meatloaf.)


Note:- There is a response from Route2Mobility, Motability’s scooter and powerchair arm, and my reply, at the end of page 2. See also this post for details of how the range of powerchairs and scooters is established. It’s quite staggering, and entirely divorced from the real world.


My Class 3 powerchair, a Pride Quantum 6000,


is proving to be something of a lemon. For example, despite it being a Class 3, outdoor, machine, it can’t be used outdoors in Continue reading