The eternal nuisance of product reviews…

I’ve mentioned before the nuisance value of online retailers asking customers to review their purchases – you’ve got my money, I’ve got my goods – now just piss off! Thank you so much. Anything else is just intrusive – I really don’t want a relationship with you beyond the basic one of customer-supplier.

If I’m moved to review a product, for good or ill, I shall do so – I don’t need prompting, If I don’t – and this applies mainly to Amazon, who are relentless – you may assume Continue reading

Beware of product reviews…

Why? Well, because I reviewed a product somewhat critically, and the review has not been published. Six days later, and it’s fair to assume it’s not going to be, and that sucks.

I published the review on my bread blog but, in view of the vendor’s attitude – the purpose of reviews is to give potential buyers an idea of what they’re might be getting, and not publishing critical reviews gives a false impression – I thought I’d bring it to a wider audience here.


Loaf tins (pans), have just one function – they hold the dough in a specific shape while it proves and bakes. It follows, then, that they don’t have to be massively robust, though a degree of robustness is desirable for durability. They should not, for example, flex in use.

I have a pair of 2lb tins which are very robust, but not quite deep enough, so I ordered another two. They’re slightly shorter, but quite a bit deeper, which will give me a slightly taller  loaf for the same amount of dough (currently, it’s in the oven way before it’s finished rising, so a bigger loaf is achievable), and a decent-sized slice.

They arrived today and what struck me first was the weight – or lack of it. The reasons are twofold. Firstly, in the pics the tins appear to have wired edges, quite common in metalware of this type, and a very good thing. They don’t.

You can read the full review** here

**The reason I’m not publishing the complete review here is that Google, apparently, takes a dim view of identical blog posts. Or something…