Carrot and Coriander Soup with Soya Beans and Quorn…

This recipe doesn’t quite work, see for a fix. It works.


This is a rather more complex version of Carrot and Coriander which, while tasty, has a basic design fault in that it is low in protein, and I need it in spades.

To remedy that I’m adding organic split red lentils, and organic, pre-cooked, soya beans with a litre of their stock (not high in taste but it will have some useful protein). It’s also getting some Quorn Family Roast, arguably their best attempt at pretend chicken and, at 16.6% protein, a veggie’s friend.

The carrot side will be taken care of by 450g, unpeeled weight, of Sweet Spear that I’ve already dehydrated (dry weight a mere 35g), and crushed to crumbs – the theory being that it will enable me to cram in more carrot flavour. Coriander will stick with the usual script as a mix of fresh leaves and freshly-ground seed, about a third of each held back until the soup is almost finished, to freshen up the flavour.

Stock will be mainly vegetable with a touch of chicken (for a veggie version just omit the chicken stock and increase the veg).

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Mock Chicken Soup…

I’m not posting the recipe just yet, as I found I’d run out of the ingredients needed for chicken stock. I had a little Knorr Touch of Taste Chicken – and that’s all, so it really doesn’t taste very much of chicken at all. However, the principle is sound and, of course, it would make a perfectly good veggie soup. And, as befits the current weather, it’s rather robust – though most of my soups tend to be anyway.

I think what I’ll do is just list the ingredients for now, and if you want to try it, use whatever stock-making products you have, and I’ll come back with the proper “chicken” version next week. The method follows my normal soup format.

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