Lewis Hamilton – F1 World Champion…

What a bunch of vindictive, libellous, probably racist, assholes hang around the fringes of F1 and pervade the blogosphere. It appears that the prevailing – and utterly wrong – opinion is that Glock gifted Hamilton that vital fifth place in Brazil. Google Timo Glock and you’ll be swamped in a torrent of toxic anti-Glock, anti-Hamilton bile.

Consider, though, that Toyota have no links whatsoever to McLaren or Hamilton, and Glock, himself, apparently detests Hamilton, so where was either Toyota’s or Glock’s motivation to back off and let Hamilton through? There simply wasn’t any.

Consider, too, the stewards. Given the way Hamilton has been persecuted this season, to the benefit of Ferrari, you can bank on it that the stewards were alert for even the slightest transgression that could be cynically ramped up into a way to penalise Hamilton. Didn’t happen, did it?

And you can put money on Ferrari and the FIA scrutinising every millimetre of video tape of the race to find a way to fuck with Hamilton and McLaren. Nothing there, either.

So all three groups who have it in for Hamilton – stewards, FIA and Ferrari have found no fault with the race result. Does that bother the mass of toxic blogging morons? Nope, not one iota – why should they bother with the truth when they can vent their deranged, racist, pro-Ferrari spleen unhindered?

I really don’t understand these people at all. True, Hamilton is a hard person to like – he’s just so bloody sanctimonious most of the time – but why does that generate such venomous, unreasoning, even rabid, hatred? It has, at heart, got to be racist.

The Spanish are topping the racist abuse league, as this page demonstrates, no doubt fuelled, at least in part, by Hamilton’s last-season feud with Alonzo. But even Brazil, that most multi-racial of countries, has seen Hamilton attract racist abuse, not least from a pair of Brazilian comedians at, of all places, a sponsor’s event. How the hell was that allowed to happen? Then there was the handing out of toy black cats, a symbol of bad luck in Brazil, to several members of Hamilton’s family. It must have been very disappointing for those superstitious tossers – assuming they can read – to subsequently learn that the Hamiltons have a black pet cat at home.

The racism, sadly, is unlikely to go away (though, online, blog hosting companies need to take some responsibility for what’s posted in the blogs they host, and shut down the racists), but there are things that Hamilton could do to improve his public image.

Leaving his father, and other members of his family at home, at least occasionally, would be a good start. He’s 23, for pity’s sake – he doesn’t need his father in tow all the time. I don’t think any other drivers have parents and/or assorted family members tagging along, but if they do they’re firmly in the background, unlike Hamilton’s old man, who is everywhere and, last season, interfering where he really shouldn’t have.

Hamilton could usefully tone down his sanctimony, too, especially in-car, and have the balls to claim his wins for himself – he can always put in a few words of support for the team behind him at the post-race press conference. In the car he needs to celebrate, just like everyone else does – not launch into a bloody, pre-prepared speech. We know he’s the sharp end of a large team – just as he is when the team fucks up his race, as they have done several times – but he’s the one putting his safety, even his life, on the line; he should have the gumption to take the kudos when he’s earned it. And, just occasionally, he needs to stop being an all-round nice guy and be a a bit of a prick – if only to show he’s human, not a sodding android.

It would also help, I believe, if he moved back to the UK, even if only for part of the year for tax purposes. Buggering off to Switzerland left a bad taste in the mouths of a lot of people.

Lewis Hamilton is the 2008 Formula 1 World Champion, with not the slightest hint of malpractice to mar his victory, and those who seek to detract from that by libelling him, Glock, Toyota, McLaren or anyone else, need to grow up and just deal with it.