The War on Apathy…

I reblogged this post What is wrong with all of you: because it echoes what I’ve been writing myself over the past couple of years, and was immediately taken to task (even though I didn’t write it), by someone who is a full-time carer and stuck at home.

But here’s the thing – it’s not aimed at them, or at me, as I am stuck at home too, through illness. It’s aimed at people who are capable of organising, or participating in, protests, but don’t.

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ME e-petition update

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to get the Health Service and medical profession to accept the WHO classification of ME/CFS as an organic neurological disorder and not as a psychosocial syndrome.

The above petition is now closed. During its life the closure date appeared to fluctuate, but it finally closed on January 22, with a dismal – and shameful – 8,476 signatures, out of a potential quarter of a million or so.

Speaking as someone with ME, in my opinion, those of you who didn’t sign, or who didn’t get their carers and families to sign, deserve to have your arses kicked. Illness is not an excuse for brain-dead apathy. Even if you were too ill to do it yourself, you could have got someone to do it for you.

Sadly, though, all those of you who were too apathetic to be bothered will now drag down the rest of us, and I’m ashamed to be sharing an illness with such pussies. The government can now see clearly that most people with ME don’t care how it’s designated, so why should they bother doing anything about it? Ever.