Making wheelchair tyre inflation easy…

My manual wheelchair is fitted with super-skinny, high-pressure Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres. Great tyres with minimal rolling resistance at the right pressure. Puncture resistant too, though this diminishes with increased camber as they are derived from the bike tyre of the same name – puncture resistance is maximised when the wheel is vertical and diminishes with the amount of camber.

The 135lb or so pressure that they require, though, is way beyond Continue reading

Life with a powerchair…

As I mentioned in Ron’s Rants – the future I’ve bought a powerchair –

Should be here in a few days.

It’s primarily for indoor use, not so much in my flat, but in the building, where there is – very often – more walking to do than I need. The laundry room is as far away as it’s possible to be, for example, not to mention toting garbage out to the bin room, across the car-park. I have a system of climbers’ tape loops and carabiners that allows me to attach a shopping bag to a wheelchair (manual or powered), to hang in front of me and which will work equally well with refuse bags. Ditto my laundry bag.

The cycle panniers Continue reading

Rechargeable tyre pump for mobility scooters…

It occurs to me that I haven’t told you about this – don’t really know why.

Anyway, after a lot of searching I finally found what I was looking for at Amazon, but now they don’t stock it. Still, at least I knew exactly what I was looking for this time, and had no trouble tracking it down.

It’s the Continue reading