Today, so help me god, there will be soup!

It should have happened yesterday, but I was a basket case (it would happen more often if my GP would stop dicking about!).

I’ve been up since 05.30. Breathing while in bed is, increasingly in the early mornings, a luxury that eludes me. I can’t breathe lying down so have to sleep sitting up. Now that fails me, so I have to get up. To say I’m pissed off is a massive understatement! OK, I can breathe better sitting bolt upright in front of my computer, but I should have been in bloody bed, and with the right drugs I could have been.

So, to while away the time until the Observer put its foodie mag online, I cobbled up the baseline recipe for my soup (details will follow):-

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Induction hob update…

Well, I still have absolutely no idea why the induction hob caused me so many problems 2 years ago when I first got it. It is, in fact, very easy to use, will simmer nicely, if a tad gently (which, of course, contributes to the food not sticking and burning). There is simply no problem with it.The problem was with me.

The only thing I can think of, based on how, recently wiped out by pain, I just couldn’t remember how my digital camera worked (when I’d been familiar with it for well over two years), and looking at the date I bought it (the hob, not the camera), October 1, 2012, I was already deep in the crisis that would put me in hospital the following March. I was just too sick.

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Tofu & Chickpea Casserole, with Harissa, Deglet Nour Dates, Sour and Sweet Cherries, Romano Peppers, and Black Olives…

This is a veggie version of this lamb recipe which is excellent. I made it just before my recent reversion to vegetarianism, and I still have a few portions left in the freezer. Trust me, veggie or not, they won’t be wasted.

Despite my aversion to tofu in the past – I find the natural texture repellent – I’m impressed with this. It has a slightly chewy texture, the flabby slipperiness that so revolts me is entirely absent.



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Organic Lamb Casserole – a Recipe with a Middle Eastern Vibe…

This is the recipe I threatened you with last week. Unlike the Quorn fiasco, this worked perfectly. Note the comment about holding back the meat – you don’t want to overcook it and have it disintegrate.


800g (roughly), Organic lamb leg steaks (bone out), diced. I sometimes buy half a leg of lamb and cut my own if I’m feeling up to it. No special reason – just for the hell of it, and to keep my hand in. And Continue reading

A Recipe: Vegetarian Sausage and Cannellini Bean Casserole – Warning…

Well, I made this, exactly as described. And I don’t think I’ve ever cooked anything so irredeemably awful.

The sausages were insanely salty and, after I’d fixed that, tasted of bugger all! They also had the texture of boiled, stale, bread.

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A Recipe: Vegetarian Sausage and Cannellini Bean Casserole…

Note: This is a provisional recipe, to be made tomorrow or Monday, depending on how well I am. I’m confident in it, though, and any changes will be minor. I’ve spoon-rated it, as I’ve already made the meaty version of it.


Tomorrow, spoons permitting, there will be cooking perpetrated. My leg is healing, and I can finally stand without excruciating pain – for a little while, anyway. It still complains if I take liberties.

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A Recipe for Bean Soup. . .

Bean soup

What’s that you’ve got there?

It’s bean soup.

Yes, I can see that, but what is it now?

(Very old verbal joke!)


So I was making this soup today (it’s actually another bottom of the fridge soup, scrabbled together on the spur of the moment), got as far as sweating off the onions in a little oil and butter, and when they were soft, stirring in the paprika, when the nurse arrived, enthusing wildly about how wonderful it smelled, and could she have the recipe – so this is it. Tempting to give her a recipe for Continue reading

Making Faggots in Gravy.

 **Note: This is a provisional recipe and subject to change.**


I love Mr. Brain’s Faggots in Gravy, but they have a design fault in that, despite being extremely tasty, they have little substance and the ingredients are pretty naff. Rehydrated pork rind predominates, followed by 15% pigs’ liver and 4% pork, with the consistency of foam – I can do a lot better. The gravy is, in fact, far tastier than the faggots themselves – no real surprise there, given the ingredients – something which I intend to change.

I don’t know, right now, when I’ll be making them, as I’m still out of action. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, to get some stock in the freezer before winter. As I keep saying, when I’m able to I tend to cook for the freezer; to be clear, DWP snoops, I cannot, if provided with the ingredients, cook on demand.

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