Comments changes…

Please note that, as of today, comments on posts more than 100 days old are closed.

This is partly because I have nothing to add beyond what I wrote at the time, or added as comments afterwards, and also to reduce my workload, as getting comments for posts a year or two old often means I have to look it up to see what I actually said before I can respond! I’ve written almost 1,300 posts, some are thousands of words long – it’s just impossible to remember everything I wrote.

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Ron’s Rants – the future?

Well, dear Constant Reader, normal service isn’t being resumed as soon as I’d like, I’m simply too ill and, not to mince words, trying very hard not to die. And no, I don’t do hyperbole, sadly.

As some of you know, I have pneumonia – so much for that bloody vaccine! – and pleural empyema. Basically, my left lung is – or was, it’s improving now – a huge abscess (for those familiar with the condition, don’t get picky, that’s a good enough description for those who aren’t).  In addition Continue reading

Important notes about comments and advice…

I have unfixed this post as it’s screwing up my Google page ranking – it will now make its way down the page as normal. Some questions are now being addressed, but just the easy ones! The content of this post is now in a page, above.

Please note that, due to dramatically worsening health, I can no longer respond to requests for help or advice. I can’t say for how long this might continue.

In fact, so that I won’t be tempted, to my detriment, comments are unlikely to be moderated.

While I was always happy to provide help and advice, especially on the subject of COPD, it should be born in mind that Continue reading

Happy birthday, Ron’s Rants…

Happy birthday to me! Well, to Ron’s Rants, at any rate.

Today is the first anniversary of my blog and it continues to exceed my expectations. I’d set a target (though I have no control over it, of course) of reaching 25,000 hits by today, or views, in WordPress-speak, but I passed that point a couple of weeks ago so I upped my expectations to 27,000 – and passed that  yesterday.

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