The Addison’s Chronicles – Part 9…

Finally, I’ve found something that helps me sleep. It’s effects will probably fade, as my old standby, fruitcake, finally has, but for now, it works.

Monday night, did all the usual stuff – sleeping tablets, fruitcake, reading in bed for an hour or so – and at 03.30 I was still wide awake and hurting badly.

Got up, snagged a tub of cottage cheese and a spoon, went back to bed. Ate the cheese and was asleep before 04.00.

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Chickpea and red lentil soup, with a touch of curry…

For reasons I’m not entirely certain of because, in hospital, my consultant was obsessed with the “fact” that I had colon cancer – I didn’t, as it turned out – to the exclusion of almost every other aspect of my condition, I’m supposed to have a high-protein diet. And, because my diuretics cause me to pee for Britain, I need high calcium, too (a lot is lost in urine).

As I’m a veggie – mostly – that means, for the calcium, a dependence on dairy foods, and that gives me a problem. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve loved cheese. Apparently I wouldn’t eat meat and got most of my protein from cheese – left alone I’d have probably been a natural vegetarian, but this was the 1940s, deep in the post-war slums of Manchester, and I doubt anyone had heard of vegetarians, despite the fact that the movement had gained its first formal existence in nearby Salford.

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Warning signs and other ramblings, with added food…

Extremely dismayed, in bed last night, to see that my right leg (I have bilateral lymphoedema, for new readers), was once again swollen. Being on my feet much of the day, and up a step-ladder at one point, probably the reasons.

It’s gone down again this morning but clearly a warning sign that I need to take much more care of myself. Trouble is, there are many things I have to do myself because there is no-one else to do them for me like, yesterday, stocking my shiny new fridge freezer, and (the ladder thing), repairing the reflective film on my window (my flat faces due south, that wall is almost all glass, and the sun can push up the temperature into the high 30s without the film – and yes, I do get tired of explaining to the witless that I’m not hiding from aliens, or CIA death rays!).

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Era of cheap food is over?

Tesco boss says cheap food era is over, says the Observer to which I can only say what bloody cheap food?

A year ago I would struggle to spend £40 in order to qualify for non-rip-off delivery charges at Sainsbury’s, or at all at Ocado. Now, I struggle to keep my weekly shop below £60 (and bear in mind I’m a singleton), so I ask again – where the fuck is this cheap food?

OK, I know all the major supermarkets have bargain basements but, with food as with everything else, you get what you pay for and, while I can afford it, quality matters – food is pretty much the only pleasure left in my life.

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Single? Poor? Some online grocers don’t want you…

I’ve been shopping for groceries online since there was just Tesco, when their virtual store came on a CD and was loaded into your PC. The software was subsequently updated every time you logged in – not an edifying experience, pre-broadband.

A lot of things have improved since then, as is to be expected, but some have taken a decided turn for the worse since the last time I looked at this a couple of years ago.

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Sainsbury’s meat and added water… Again!

I know I keep banging on about the excessive wetness of meat (and smoked fish),  from Sainsbury’s, but it really is a major problem – we are paying meat prices for water. Whether it’s a product of dubious production methods (slaughterhouses not allowing slaughtered animals to bleed out sufficiently, and the meat not hung for even the shortest time, with retained blood thus boosting the apparent weight all the way down the line to retail level), or deliberately added. As I’ve said in an earlier post, there’s an excuse in cured meats, as the cure is dissolved in water and injected. There’s no excuse in a beef roasting joint. See footnote, also.

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The spoonie-sapping Sainsbury’s saga…

Sitting here, surrounded by the wonderful smell of brisket, simmering in an amazingly tasty and aromatic stock, it seems churlish to grouch but, hey, what the hell? I feel like shit so I might as well vent!

I mentioned on Twitter, earlier today (for those that don’t yet know, on Twitter I’m @rantsfromron, as @ronsrants was already taken), that my local Sainsbury’s – Upton, Wirral – really, really, sucks. There’s a reason for that – quite simply, it’s badly run,** I don’t know what the overnight restocking team does, but it’s not restocking, and it almost never has the items that Sainsbury’s website says it should have which, as it’s designated a superstore, which I find infuriating.

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The Great Potato Rip-Off – Boycott it now…

Now then, when I buy Maris Piper spuds from either Tesco or Sainsbury’s at least a third of them – and often far more – simply are not Maris Piper.

I buy Maris Piper purely for chips, crunchy on the outside, fluffy inside (yes, I know it’s a cliché – it’s also true). Yet far too many of the supermarket spuds sold as Maris Piper have horrible, wet, flesh, which will never crisp no matter what you do with them, and taste nothing like the genuine article.

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Born-again veggie…

Finally, after farting about for months, I’ve slipped back into a mainly (for now, at least), vegetarian diet, given the nudge after writing this post, about the link between the purines/uric acid in beer, and arthritis. That’s because many foodstuffs, not just booze, contain purines (which metabolises into uric acid which, in turn, can causes kidney stones and/or gout, and aggravate arthritis, too). The highest levels are found in organ meats (offal), and some fish, like sardines. And beer.

I also need to reduce my cholesterol, and a diet high in soya products will bring it down nicely, as it has in the past.

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Sainsbury’s customer service – a bad joke…

If I could offer you a thought for today, it would be this – don’t try to do Sainsbury’s any favours.

Putting a shopping list together, yesterday, I selected Young’s Coley fillets, 450g @ £7.87 per kg. Price £2.99. Doesn’t take a genius to spot the basic fact that it’s wrong. It should be £3.54.

And no, it’s not a special offer, as you can see from the pic.

So, in the hope of avoiding an argument at the checkout, if their computer actually has the correct price, I Continue reading