Powerchair problems…

If you’re shopping for a powerchair, read this first. Save yourself some hassle.

On February 3 I ordered my new powerchair from Go-Active Leisure Ltd. Because of my condition, I opted for Engineer assembled delivery at a cost of £70 extra.

I wanted it before my hospital appointment on the 13th, on the 6th, discussions having indicated that this would be unlikely, I opted for courier delivery (something I still regret as unpacking the bastardly thing and fitting the batteries damn near did for me), which is free, and delivery should have been on Friday, the 10th.

However, for reasons that remain unexplained, except for a half-arsed, incoherent, denial (disproved by the courier, TNT, whose driver I sincerely hope gave whoever was responsible a bollocking for trying to drop him in it), when TNT tried to collect my chair on the Thursday, the place was closed.

Not only that, it failed to occur to anybody that they’d missed TNT, and that my chair was still cluttering the place up, until the following day. It was hard to miss, FFS – it was in a bloody big box! So – was anybody actually there at all?

Anyway, collection was rearranged for Friday, which meant deliver would be Monday, and I’d miss my appointment – possibly. I didn’t cancel just in case it came early enough for me to still make it. It didn’t, and even if it had come at the crack of dawn, I still wouldn’t have made it.

TNT told me they’d collected the chair – GoActive, apparently, just couldn’t be arsed.

In much the same way as they couldn’t be arsed refunding my £70, or apologising for their cock-up on the Thursday. (NB: In many years of shopping online, the only major problems I’ve had is getting refunds – people are quick to take your money, bloody slow when giving it back!

So, I’ve just sent a fairly terse – but polite, for now – reminder. I also, at the time Continue reading

A camera support for my powerchair…

I need some sort of support for my rather heavy d-SLR plus 140-600mm (35mm equivalent), zoom lens, which would also be capable of taking a spotting scope.

My idea was to use an Opticron 42605 BC2 hide clamp, a relic of my birding days (used once, the day I discovered the nearest RSPB hide was at the bottom of a heart attack-inducing hill!). (And a word of warning to any budding birders who happen to be arachnophobic – hides are full of the buggers!)

Clamping it to the armrest of my Shoprider Lugano – the perfect position – proved Continue reading

Getting a new powerchair…

Having just had a windfall from the tax man, I’ve decided I’ll treat myself to a new powerchair. Well, not so much treat – if I’m to break my housebound cycle, pretty much essential.

I spent a large part of yesterday, online, looking at chairs that (a) fit my budget (under 2 grand) and (b) had a decent claimed range and batteries to match – too many manufacturers blithely claim absurd ranges from relatively small batteries – look for batteries of at least 70Ah for outdoor use. Early in the search I came across this chair, the Continue reading