Welcome to Cameron’s Reich…

As I sort of predicted, the ranks of the Untermenschen are growing. For the past year or so (longer if you count the lies of David Freud under Labour), the sick and disabled people of this country have been subjected to a war of attrition, disapprobation, and plain, old-fashioned, lies, from a government propaganda machine that would have had Joseph Goebbels wetting himself with envy.

We have, as I’ve pointed out, assumed the same role as Continue reading

Where is my respite – from me?

It occurred to me, talking to someone on Twitter, that carers can get respite breaks, so that they can get away from their charges for a while. Fair enough, no doubt many of them thoroughly deserve – and need – a break, but what of the rest of us? Where is our respite from ourselves?

Like very many disabled people, I have to look after myself, take care of Continue reading

Cancer patients fight to keep warm…

Macmillan Cancer Support has found that 73% of  cancer patients feel the cold more than most people, and believes that those that don’t already qualify, which is 60% of them, should get the winter fuel payment. But why?

Cancer patients are by no means the only people under 60 to suffer from the cold – many sick and disabled people do. It’s a particular problem with ME/CFS. Take my case. 20 years ago, I was cold at 20C when just sitting around, comfortable at 22C.

Now, though, things have changed considerably, and I’m cold below Continue reading