Formula 1 and Sky – how dumb does Ecclestone think we are?

I do wonder at Bernie Ecclestone’s ability count and to reason, if it comes to that. Or maybe he simply holds us all in utter contempt and thinks he can get away with the most egregious bullshit – that would be more likely, I think.

Threatening to end the rump of Fi coverage that is still available on the BBC (Guardian), he says:- Continue reading

BT and Tiscali – avoid both if you value your sanity…

As the observant among you will know, I’ve just moved house – all the way to the flat next door.

My phone, line rental, broadband and TV are all from Tiscali, and I asked them to transfer the service to the new flat. They can’t do that – I’d have to cancel this service and re-order, thus getting stuck with another installation charge! Not to mention all the pain in the butt hassle.

Then I checked Continue reading