SmartCRUTCH First Impressions – Addendum…

After a couple of days tinkering I’ve arrived at what I feel is the optimum setup. The leg length depends on the height of the user, of course, and so is outside the scope of this review.

The SmartCRUTCH website mentions, as an aside, that some positions of the cuff are less stable than others (guys, you really need to give us full information on this – which positions are most, and least, stable), and in use I found the 90-degree cuff position provided little support.

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SmartCRUTCH First Impressions…

I need new crutches and decided to buy SmartCRUTCHes because my conventional forearm crutches, despite having always used those with ergonomically-sound grips, have wrecked my right hand (nerve and/or tendon damage). I suspect the former but I cancelled nerve conduction tests as I have more than enough pain in my life, and I know from experience the tests can be acutely painful – I have an aversion to painful procedures that have no curative value.

Anyway, I figured a change was due before I completely lost the use of my right hand, and the USP of these things was that they were highly adjustable to provide any setup from conventional – which I already knew would be a problem – to gutter-style elbow crutches, albeit somewhat more sophisticated than normally-available models.

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