Surgical rationing for smokers…

From Pulse**, today:-

“Exclusive: GPs have been blocked from referring smokers for any routine elective surgery unless patients quit or complete an NHS Stop Smoking course, under a draconian package of PCT cost-cutting measures.”

**Sign-up might be required.

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Pot to kettle, you’re black…

Gordon Brown, displaying just how out of touch with reality he is, has floated the idea that if you’re fat and unfit or, god forbid, fond of a pint, you may be denied NHS treatment until you mend your evil ways. What – will we be left to die?

Disregarding the fact that some people, like me, are overweight through illness and disability (see Ron’s Realm website) – I couldn’t exercise if my life depended on it (and it does, I’m a prime candidate for a coronary), hell, I can barely walk and my only vice is beer – and not through slobbishness or poor diet, this does rather suggest that our multiple-chinned, blubbery PM doesn’t actually own a mirror! It would, perhaps, be unkind to mention his less-than-slender wife, too, but what the hell, he started it – people who live in glass houses, and all that.

Mind you, like anyone with a serious respiratory illness, I can get right alongside the idea of denying smokers treatment – bastards!