Is Twitter destroying your social life?

The Guardian, it seems, can’t be bothered to report on yesterday’s TUC march in London, in which an estimated 150,000 took part.

It can find the space, however, to launch one of its regular bullshit attacks on social networking, in “How social networks can destroy your social life. Written by John Naughton,** an OU professor of “the public understanding of technology” who demonstrates that, while bitching about things he doesn’t like, he really understands little.

**Tried to discover if he has a Twitter account, but Continue reading

Don’t confide in Facebook…

I’ve long felt that obsessive Facebook users (except those who know me, of course!), might not have both oars in the water – Mubarak and Gaddafi being classic examples. The news that Facebook is a major factor in US divorce cases (Guardian and any stats for UK?), surprises me not at all.

But how does it work? Here’s this guy, let’s say, playing away from home Continue reading