Caldo Verde, Tweaked…

Caldo Verde is a peasant dish from Portugal, a soup primarily of potatoes and a species of giant cabbage, traditionally served with a scrap of chouriço sausage and cornbread. This is my high-protein take on it, with a great deal more sausage, soya beans, and served with Tesco sourdough bread. OK, so it bears more of a resemblance to ciabatta than sourdough but it’s good bread for dunking in soup as it doesn’t fall to pieces. Goes well with cheese too.

I don’t think the Portuguese would approve of my less than Spartan version of Caldo Verde, but it was timely, made just hours before the return, on a massive scale, of my Lymphoedema, accompanied by pain at a level that totally overwhelms my morphine, despite the recent doubling of the Oramorph dose.  Part of the treatment for that is a high-protein diet, hence the soup.

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Pork Liver, Meatball, and Soya Bean Soup…

I won’t be able to get into my flat during the day for the whole of next week as I’m having a wet room installed at last. I’ve not been able to use a bath for years as, even if I managed to get in, I don’t have the strength to get out again. A wet room and a shower wheelchair will solve that problem.

Today I’m making the following soup and tomorrow, all being well, I’ll make a cherry-laden fruit cake.


The idea of this soup, and my previous Chunky Beef and Bean Soup, is that by combining elements of a vegetarian recipe with meat, I can maximise my protein intake. As regulars might know, I have only one meal a day, and getting sufficient protein in a veggie diet is impossible, no matter how desirable it might be.

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Chunky Beef and Bean Soup…

I had a bowl of a well-known chicken soup a few days ago – 2 cans – because I had no home-made soup, and promptly went down with colitis the following morning. Then I stumbled across an article claiming that emulsifiers used in processed foods have been shown to cause colitis, Crohn’s, and similar conditions. At which point I swore off processed foods except in the direst emergency, and as soon as I recovered from the colitis, the anaphylactic reaction caused by Doxycycline that made me look like the victim of a back-street lip implant, and a mysterious rash, I resolved to make a fresh batch of soup. This is it.

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Broccoli, White Beans, and Blue Cheese Soup Recipe…



The blue cheese, as I said in the previous post, being Sainsbury’s Basics Blue. It’s pretty good, too – I’ve had far worse labelled as Stilton, and from an allegedly reputable source.

This soup will be blended at the end, so do make sure you don’t add the beans before that (preheat them in a little stock  if you wish, and add both stock and beans to the pot). Hold back a few cooked broccoli florets, finely chopped, as a garnish.

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Broccoli and Stilton Soup…

Well, actually, Broccoli and Sainsbury’s Basics Blue Cheese to be honest – that’s good enough. It seems hard to get a good Stilton this year, for some reason – in fact all the British blues I’ve tried have been sadly lacking in flavour. Even the normally pungent (though not blue or even British), Pie d’Angloys is a shadow of its usually smelly self. All, to me, seem to have the same fault – they’ve been buggered by the Salt Police.

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Spicy Vegetable Soup Again…

I made a version of this some time back – it was horrible! I used an ingredient I’d not tried before – frozen soya beans. Big mistake. This time I’m sticking with well-tried ingredients and, with that end in view, I made this soup yesterday and wrote it up.

And then, this morning, I realised that with this post, I’d already addressed that error and completely forgotten about it. Ironic, really, as I wrote that as a test of my memory.

However, given what it cost me in pain to make this yesterday (my sodding GP won’t comply with my surgeon’s instruction to increase my morphine and get my pain under control), and given that it’s a pretty damned good vegetarian version, I’m letting this post stand as it’s simpler than the one linked to above. Substantially different too.

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Toulouse Sausage and Spanish Butter Bean Soup…

It’s Tuesday, but to save me having to go all the way through this updating the timeline, assume that …

It’s Saturday night, and I’d intended to make this during the day, but the pain in my leg has been truly terrifying, so I’ve stayed off my feet as much as I could. Didn’t improve matters but at least it stopped it getting worse.

This is an old favourite recipe which, for some reason, I’ve never written up. Today, though, this is the simplified version. It still uses my home-cooked Judion de la Granja butter beans, and their stock, but to reduce the time I spend on prep, and on my feet, I’m using Aunt Bessie’s frozen carrot and swede mash.

It works very well as a soup base, with the addition of a little flour to keep it in suspension rather than have it sink to the bottom of the bowl (mainly cosmetic), and I can toss in some frozen diced celeriac too. When I have a good day (ha!), I really must buckle down, fire up the food processor, and prep and freeze soup base veg. It’ll make life much easier.

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Spicy Organic Red Lentil Soup, with sweet paprika, cumin, and dates.

I thought it was time I cobbled up a new vegetarian soup recipe as I tend to stick with two favourites lately, Roasted Cauliflower & Potato which, frankly, is amazingly good (I’ve made it with King Edwards and with Rooster, and I prefer Rooster, though both are very good – not just my opinion, by the way), and Cannellini Beans and Vegetables .

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