A Casserole of Venison with Sour Cherries, Dried Apricots, Red Currants and Herbs…

I have, on my chopping board in the kitchen, what purports to be 900g of diced venison. Highland Game brand, from Sainsbury’s – deeply unimpressed and I posted an unfavourable review. Be interesting to see if it’s published.

I say purports because it’s sure as hell not diced, just randomly hacked up – I’ve seen better-presented roadkill. And some of it is mush, as if it’s been dragged off the hill behind a Land Rover (rather than farmed, which is what is actually is). I spent an unseemly amount of time surgically removing skin and connective tissue and generally making it eatable. Why the hell people with absolutely no knife skills are employed to prep meat I shall never know. Well, OK, there are, doubtless, more people without the requisite skills than with, so, here’s a thought – train the buggers if you have to. And that applies to all supermarkets, not just Highland Game.

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Rye Bloomer – From First Proving To Finished Loaf…

I was asked for pics, so here they are. It’s a very humid day and that affected the hydration, causing the dough to spread rather more than it rose. What the hell, it’s still bloody good bread! Prior to the first proving I use a stand mixer for the grunt work – essential in Spoonie World.



The dough, first proving completed, shaped, and sprayed with oil to stop it forming a crust. Continue reading

A tweak to my profiling bed…

Check out this post first.

My profiling bed has proven invaluable in the past for getting a good night’s sleep (not so much now, but I’m hoping that will pass), and also for enabling me to sleep – or at least rest these days – without pain. And to elevate my legs to encourage the fluid to drain.

One thing it hasn’t changed is my aversion to the dark. Without light I become extremely disorientated, a problem that first made its presence felt about 4 years ago and is showing no signs of going away. So I have a nightlight, an 8W mini fluorescent bulb in a table lamp on a chest of drawers behind the head of the bed and to one side. Continue reading

The Addison’s Chronicles – Part 1…

I think it might be useful to record my coming to terms with Addison’s Disease, much as I did with Chronicles of the Heart and my heart-related problems and now, as then, I’ve been lucky to survive even more consultant-related fuckuppery .

As I’ve said, my Addison’s was diagnosed a year ago, but I wasn’t told, and my GP tells me that the information sent to him was hidden, and I quote “Your specialist buried the mention of blood tests in his discharge summary…”.

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Washing-up for Spoonies…

Of all the routine household tasks, washing-up is the one that can’t be shirked (but it is!), even though it’s arguably the most painful and exhausting. Or it was, until today, when I came up with a wizard wheeze (pun definitely intended!).

Every six hours, I have to hit the kitchen to take my next round of meds, plus Continue reading