The Ciprofloxacin Disaster…

Trigger warning – suicidal drug side-effects.


My GP prescribed Ciprofloxacin a few days ago to treat potential infection of my resurgent bilateral lymphoedema.

It damn near killed me.

Reading the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) and the Cipro pages, particularly those covering side-effects and drug interactions, at showed why.

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Hydrosorb Wound Dressing – my experience…

NB: Discusses suicide immediately below the line, and has ulcer images near the end.


Yesterday I had this to say about Hydrosorb:-

I am, I confess, at a loss to know why the dressing – Hydrosorb – was so extremely painful, it’s supposed to be just an inert gel containing 60% water, which removes necrotic tissue. The mechanism by which it does this eludes me. I’ve scoured Google for anyone else having problems and have drawn a blank – which actually shouldn’t be possible. No product is perfect and there will always be a few complaints about anything, even if it’s simple user error. About Hydrosorb there is no criticism at all.

This, then, is my experience as the pain generated by Hydrosorb has been so horrendous I have been beside myself. And still am, to such a degree that last night, afraid to go to bed for fear of causing even more pain, I found myself writing this:-

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Pushing me to the edge all over again…

The District Staff nurse phoned the GP surgery this morning, telling them I needed a home visit (got a temp of 37.7C) – that won’t happen, I said, it never does – at best I’ll get a phone call – so she went round in person to impress upon them that I needed a real, live, doctor! And soon.

Didn’t get one.

Sometime after 15.00 I got a phone call from their reception asking if a doctor had been – well, no, but don’t they bloody know?

Later, I got a call from one of the doctors – who doesn’t know me at all, but she has announced her intention to bugger up my pain meds without giving a toss about how much damage she’s doing. And I think I’m on safe ground when I say that she appears to have not the slightest idea how appalling the pain of lymphoedema can be. If she wants to know she can ask my neighbours how often they’ve heard me screaming in agony, especially if I have to get out of bed in a hurry. Or the nurses for that matter – removing dressings that have welded themselves to raw flesh is as much fun as it sounds.

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Assisted suicide – the view from someone with a vested interest…

A serious bone of contention right now is the issue of assisted suicide, and the legality thereof – and I really cannot get my head around the claims that it’s bad news for disabled people, and a slippery slope to euthanasia – that’s bullshit. As for the pro-life brigade – here’s a thought – mind your own bloody business! Go run your own lives, don’t interfere with mine or anyone else’s.

The legality or otherwise, of course, lies in the assistance, not the suicide, and the recommendation is that the person providing the assistance should not be punished as long as certain criteria are met (in point of fact it’s rare for anyone in Britain to be prosecuted but it’s not, currently, impossible for that to happen). You cannot, for example Continue reading

Only the staggeringly immature could believe suicide is the coward’s choice…

Last night, apparently (I didn’t see it), Sir Terry Pratchett and some other people were talking about ending their lives as a result of an assortment of nasty, and chronic, illnesses.

Almost unbelievably, Pratchett was roundly abused on Twitter, and accused of cowardice by people best described as fuckwits (here’s a thought – it would be interesting to see how you buggers would deal with Alzheimer’s, see how brave you are).

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