Flu vaccine far less effective than claimed…

As regular readers may know, although I’m in a very high risk group, I have no fondness for the flu vaccine, as most years it causes more problems than would having the sodding flu (ME/CFS and the flu vaccine are a very bad mix), nor have I ever been entirely convinced of its usefulness. This year, with my heart problems ramping up the risk to even higher levels, I was seriously considering having the flu vaccine.

Then, in Pulse Today (log-in or sign-up may be required), this appeared this morning:- Continue reading

Flu vaccine for 2011-12…

GPs have been told to get a move on and order their flu vaccines for this autumn (Pulse Today, log-in/sign-up needed). This is to avoid the shambles of the last flu season in which some areas ran out.

I have, in the whole, come out against flu vaccines of late, not least because I’m mostly housebound so less vulnerable that in the past. However, because I now have heart failure, the severity of which is STILL unknown after 4 months, I think it might be wise to have it myself in future (however long that might be – I really need to know that).**

This is partly because I have Continue reading

Flu “surge”…

First, a brief note about the lack of a seasonal message this year – I was just too ill. Profoundly depressed too and, between the two, not a little surprised to still be here.That’s why this post is a little delayed – it was so badly written I’ve just had to rewrite the entire thing. It’s not particularly time-sensitive, though.

Right, on with the show:-

Flu surge alarms doctors as virus hits children shrieks the Guardian, and doubtless other media too. What does that mean in reality? 27 deaths.

OK, if you, or a loved one, are one of the 27 it’s still too many, but it sure as hell isn’t any cause for media hysteria. People die from flu (well, more often than not from Continue reading

Swine flu vaccination aborted…

I’m afraid I chickened out of my swine flu vaccination. Not because of all the online hysteria – I’m well-informed enough to realise most is complete bollocks – but because I am simply not well enough.

I never completely recovered from the pneumonia vaccine in June – even my arm is still occasionally sore – and I just don’t think I have the reserves to cope with another vaccination. Actually, it’s far more than a simple vaccination, there’s the vaccine for Continue reading

Swine-flu vaccination…

Tomorrow morning, with considerable reservations, I shall be going for my swine flu vaccination.

Reservations, because I have no idea how I will react to it (I reacted very badly to the pneumonia vaccine, back in June), and because I’m not convinced that, right now, it’s necessary, given the level of swine flu infections, which seem to be diminishing.

However, that might change Continue reading

More swine flu stupidity…

I came across this nugget of idiocy this morning:-

“Every day Americans wake up to news reports that warn us about the dangers of influenza, especially the new H1N1 “swine flu”.

But swine flu is mild for most people and the virus is not mutating into a more serious form.”

The writer then went on to question whether vaccination was really necessary. However some very important words are missing from that second sentence – Continue reading

Pandemic flu vaccine is here…

Swine flu vaccine, Pandemrix, from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), has been approved by the European Medicines Agency. Another, made by Baxter, is being evaluated.

The plan is to vaccinate 1,000 children between the ages of six months and 12 years over the next few  weeks to see which of the two vaccines performs the best. Professor Andrew Pollard, from the University of Oxford, told the Press Association that the trial will compare the two vaccines head-to-head to see which one works best in children and causes the fewest side-effects.

Really? And just how Continue reading