An update to I haz a new toy, Part 371…

In the original I complained that my new Asus MeMO Pad 8 had only a microUSB port, with the limitations these things normally have. I wasn’t entirely correct. Or entirely wrong.

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I haz a new toy, Part 371…

I came to computers late in life, well into my 40s before I dipped my toe in the geekish waters.

Part of the reason is that, while I was still able to work, my company was busy computerising itself. But that was in the days of the horrendous MS-DOS, where each piece of software had its own codes/keystrokes for identical operations, which meant that you needed a phenomenal memory – or lots of overlays for the Function keys.

OK, I had a phenomenal memory – then. I carried a decade’s worth of information in my head – if my boss, in 1980, wanted to know how much we paid for an item in 1972, and where we got the best deal, I could tell him in seconds – but when it came to DOS my brain refused to co-operate. It completely put me off computers.

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