Protein revisited – and a recipe…

I’m still looking to reliably improve my protein intake, especially now my leg is leaking again. Serous blood at present (but a lot of it), but it can’t be long before the corrosive and protein-heavy lymphatic fluid makes another bid for freedom now it has a way out. And I find myself amazed by the number of food items described as high in protein which are, in fact, either extremely average or even low.

Take tofu – please – you can have my share! I still have an ambition to make this crap edible (and I did it!), but I’m at a loss to know why it’s routinely described as high in protein. What it’s high in is water. The protein content is about 8.5%. That, to me, is pretty moderate (an average boiled egg is 14% protein – that’s highish).

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