Only the staggeringly immature could believe suicide is the coward’s choice…

Last night, apparently (I didn’t see it), Sir Terry Pratchett and some other people were talking about ending their lives as a result of an assortment of nasty, and chronic, illnesses.

Almost unbelievably, Pratchett was roundly abused on Twitter, and accused of cowardice by people best described as fuckwits (here’s a thought – it would be interesting to see how you buggers would deal with Alzheimer’s, see how brave you are).

Personally, I think Continue reading


As with Mark Twain, reports of the death of books are greatly exaggerated…

For openers, this article is a pleasant change from the Guardian’s “death of books imminent” hysteria/paranoia. (A shortened version of this post appears in the Comments there.)


Since I bought my Kindle in the first tranche of releases last year, I’ve probably bought more print books, not fewer – quite the opposite of what I expected or wanted (I’m running out of book space).

Partly this is in rebellion against some of the Continue reading

World Book Day is coming…

It’s World Book Day on Thursday – O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

From which you might gather that I spent an intriguing few hours downloading books yesterday, including several by Lewis Carroll (well, you might not, but you do now!).  I also downloaded much of the output of L. Frank Baum.

The Oz books strongly influenced Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, though he got ruby slippers from the film – silver shoes in the Wizard of Oz book. Personally, I find them a little Continue reading