Vendetta at the FIA…

That McLaren have been summoned to the FIA world motor sport council over the Australian GP lying affair, charging them, under article 151C with “fraudulent conduct or any act prejudicial to the interests of any competition or to the interests of motor sport generally,” should, perhaps, surprise nobody. That the FIA will go to any lengths to fuck with McLaren has been obvious for quite a while. I mean, does anyone really think those dodgy diffusers would have got the nod if McLaren had had them?

The instigator of this whole sorry affair, Dave Ryan, has been fired by McLaren, Hamilton has made a grovelling apology – and needs a kick up the ass for going along with Ryan – and both he and the team lost all their points from Oz. And that should have been the end of it.What more does the FIA want?

This is not a quest for justice, it is a blatant with-hunt – a continuation of the vendetta against McLaren that seems to be hard-wired into the FIA in general and Max Mosley in particular. After the Ferrari affair he continued  bad-mouthing McLaren at every opportunity, long past the point where it was relevant or reasonable. As far as I’m concerned, this is simply more of the same.

There is, at rhe FIA, an institutionally-vindictive, antiMcLaren stance that is obvious to all but the most wilfully blind, and they will not be happy until they have driven McLaren from the sport. Whether that will change when Mosley everntually retires – and FFS, go soon, for the good of the sport, you tedious old fuck – remains to be seen. Whatever happens, the FIA cannot continue to operate in the way it does currently – they are, effectively, a law unto themselves, and that is fundamentally wrong. Change has to come, but that won’t happen until Mosley leaves or is tossed out. Like that’s gonna happen…

Update:- April 29 – Well, as we now know, McL has been hit with a 3-race ban, suspended for 12 months.

For once a sensible decision from the FIA. Let’s hope this signals an end to their anti-McLaren culture. Or was it anti Ron Dennis? However, they really should have drawn a line under the Oz affair, and not left it hanging like that. Make the ban dependent on future behaviour, not the past.

Sadly, though, I think,  if it comes down to a shoot-out between McLaren and Ferrari at the end of the season, “new” Oz information may well come to light. Cynical? Fuck, yeah!