Making cooking preparation easier for this Spoonie…

I tweeted, yesterday, that I need a wheelie-friendly flat, and I also need to be able to cook when I can, because being able to do so, even if only occasionally,** means a hell of a hell of a lot to me, and I can’t reconcile the two.  Bugger!***

**Because the ability to do almost everything else in my life that I enjoyed has been taken from me by illness.

***Though, it being Twitter, I was rather more succinct.

But, having given the matter some thought, I might have a solution to the cooking problem,. especially the prep. What I need is a small, but robust Continue reading

Spoonless in the Kitchen – Update…

It was, as it turned out, remarkably foolish, yesterday, to do what I did just to demonstrate a point – that despite all the scrounger rhetoric, for chronically sick and disabled people, often the simplest of tasks is an uphill, frequently unwinnable, battle.

I knew I’d pay for it today – I’m not an idiot – I just hadn’t realised how Continue reading

Spoonless in the Kitchen – Making Vegetable Soup, the Hard Way…

This, by the way, is not an extended whinge. My intention is to demonstrate to the doubters, of whom there are far too many, just how difficult, for those of us who are chronically sick and disabled, something they take for granted as quick and simple, can be – like making soup.

And for cynics who say, and some who really should know me better have done so “If you’re as sick and exhausted as you claim, how can you write?” the answer is simple Continue reading