No job? No social housing for you, pal…

Twitter is home to a fair-sized population of stupid buggers, and this probably deserves a Most Cretinous Tweet of the Day So Far Award:-

A rule that only families with someone IN WORK could get a council home would send a much more constructive signal.

Seriously? And to whom? And since families with nobody working can’t possibly afford private sector housing, what are they supposed to do? No doubt such a policy would bring joy to the Daily Mail tendency but, out here in the real world. with real people, it would be positively criminal to implement such a policy at a time when unemployment is rising.

I’ve been in that position – both my wife and eye were unable to work due to disability/illness – and had my wife not had a substantial, retired-on-health-grounds, pension we certainly would not have been able to afford our private-sector flat.

And as I know only too well, it is all too easy to become a family where no-one is working, and through no fault of one’s own, and to penalise people further by denying them a roof over their heads is obscene, though  I suppose this dumb bastard would have had us living in a tent or, perhaps, a double-wide cardboard box.

The crux of the matter is that families – and this could just be a couple, not necessarily a couple with six kids – are the ones who actually need social housing, not always the ones in work who can, perhaps, afford the private sector.

I’d really love to know what sort of “constructive signal” the message that you’ll be homeless if at least one of you doesn’t have a job is supposed to send.

Looks pretty fucking negative and elitist to me.

Want a job? All you have to do is ask…

Have you noticed how many TV ads there are for employment agencies running right now?

They all have exactly the same theme, though some are pitched at different pay grades – post your CV on our website, and the job of a lifetime is yours for the asking. Even better – you don’t have to ask, we’ll Continue reading

Make-work – Osborne’s plan for the unemployed and disabled?

This morning, on a large roundabout at Greasby, Wirral, council workers were cutting the grass. One guy with a ride-on mower, and another with a strimmer. So far, so normal.

However, there were also another 8 or so guys placed at the junctions of the roads entering the roundabout. One was armed with a stop-go board (and good luck with that), the rest appeared not to be (so what was the point of just one?). None of them were doing anything but hanging around and talking to each other.

So, a huge waste of taxpayers’ money you might think, if they do this on every roundabout that needs maintenance. It is, though – I think – a little more Continue reading

The big lie exposed… there are no jobs.

The Treasury has announced that the budget will cost 1.3million jobs.

The government said they want to get the disabled and the unemployed into work.

They are, of course, mendacious bastards who wouldn’t know truth or honesty if it bit them in the arse.

As I said yesterday, “plans” to get the disabled and the unemployed working are a crock – there are no jobs – and soon Continue reading

The coalition – a force for evil?

If you’re chronically sick and disabled, unemployed, or a single parent, after the news of the past week or so, I think it’s a very fair question.

Yesterday we had Ian Duncan Smith going for the Stupid Bugger of  the Year award, by suggesting that the unemployed, living in social housing, be forced to move from areas of high unemployment to areas where there are plenty (ha!) of jobs.

His argument is that the middle classes routinely Continue reading