No state pensions for the sick and disabled?

It occurs to me, being  the cynical bugger that I am, that there is probably more to Cameron’s purge of the sick and disabled (see last post), than immediately meets the eye.

As I said, those who are timed out of ESA will have no means of paying their way. Even if they’re getting DLA, that’s nowhere near enough to live on – for most it won’t pay rent and utilities, never mind luxuries like food and clothes.

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The fate of the sick and disabled hangs in the balance…

I wrote a much shorter version of the following in response to this excellent post by Sue Marsh (suey2y), over at Diary of a Benefit Scrounger.

Sue pointed out that her husband’s take-home pay is just £1,028. To put that into perspective – at the risk of awakening trolls who’ll believe I get too much money – £1028 a month is just £112 a month more than I get (state pension plus DLA – and am I glad I’m no longer on IB, though the following is still as relevant now as it was 18 months ago when I was still on IB). And Sue has 2  kids, too, which don’t come cheap.

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