Tofu & Chickpea Casserole, with Harissa, Deglet Nour Dates, Sour and Sweet Cherries, Romano Peppers, and Black Olives…

This is a veggie version of this lamb recipe which is excellent. I made it just before my recent reversion to vegetarianism, and I still have a few portions left in the freezer. Trust me, veggie or not, they won’t be wasted.

Despite my aversion to tofu in the past – I find the natural texture repellent – I’m impressed with this. It has a slightly chewy texture, the flabby slipperiness that so revolts me is entirely absent.



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Protein revisited – and a recipe…

I’m still looking to reliably improve my protein intake, especially now my leg is leaking again. Serous blood at present (but a lot of it), but it can’t be long before the corrosive and protein-heavy lymphatic fluid makes another bid for freedom now it has a way out. And I find myself amazed by the number of food items described as high in protein which are, in fact, either extremely average or even low.

Take tofu – please – you can have my share! I still have an ambition to make this crap edible (and I did it!), but I’m at a loss to know why it’s routinely described as high in protein. What it’s high in is water. The protein content is about 8.5%. That, to me, is pretty moderate (an average boiled egg is 14% protein – that’s highish).

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Some thoughts on vegetarian food…

Tony Naylor, discussing vegetarian restaurants in the Guardian disparages meat analogues (fair enough, they are mostly crap), then spoils it all by opining that veggies should refrain from making “pointless mimic pies”. Sorry, mate, you’re way off beam there.

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