Medication Buggeration, Part 978…

A couple of days ago I got a meds delivery, accompanied by – these days – a not unusual terse note from the prescribing GP (who is becoming a total pain in the butt, frankly). I’d love to go down there and dish out the bollocking he deserves, and I’m sure that’s what he’s hoping for, as he can then dump an expensive patient for “verbal violence”.

Among the meds I’d asked for was codeine linctus, and it was the one which generated the snotty note which said:-

“I’m not happy to give MORE strong opiates alongside high-dose morphine AND Tramadol.”

This struck me as perverse, not least because Continue reading

Sorting out the Buggeration!

This morning, following on from yesterday’s medication cock-up – I wonder when my doctors will realise it’s their job to help me through this mess, not to further fuck up my life? – I was moved to tweet this (slightly modified for clarity as it’s now out of its timeline):-

Morning all… Hurting like a bastard with only a half-dose of Gabapentin (taken at 05.00),  thanks to GP receptionist fuckwit.

Taken 60mg morphine at 08.00 but sustained release so Continue reading

Medication Buggeration, Part 672…

Finally sorted.

Doc won’t give me Tramadol and morphine. Period. Says it’s too dangerous ( database confirms the danger, flagged as Major, but I’d still be willing to take the risk – it’s a case of possible problems weighed against certain pain).

So we settled on morphine with a free rein for me to find Continue reading

A return to how things were. . .

You might have noticed that the tone and content of my blog has changed – I only rarely get involved in politics now.

Mainly that’s because things I predicted a year ago, and more, are coming to pass. The disabled now really ARE the 21st century equivalent of the mid 1930s Jews in Nazi Germany. All that’s lacking is the extermination camps, but even without them the death rate is ramping up.

The workhouse has apparently arrived in the form of Continue reading

Much more pain than I can deal with today…

Written at 08.00 today. And wow! was I ever wrong in yesterday’s post!

Apologies if this rambles a bit – I’m not in a good place right now.


My weak-as-piss Oramorph is useless (dose is 2.5 or 5ml – even 10ml does bugger all), and my Tramadol is now banned.

I know why, it’s because it competes with the same receptors as Gaba and morphine, to the detriment of all, but knowing that is no fucking help when I’m sitting here in absolute agony. And in tears – and believe me when I say I’m a hard bastard when it comes to pain, and it takes a hell of a lot to tip me over like this.** It’s happened just twice in my life, the first time just a month or so ago. But if I mention to my docs that I Continue reading

The war on pain…

While in hospital I was constantly asked by the nursing staff, at the tedious, every two hours round the goddamned clock “comfy” check, why I claimed to have pain when I was taking “pain killers”. I got very tired, very fast, of explaining to people who should bloody well know already that pain killer is a misnomer. For many, perhaps most, people, most analgesics moderate pain, they don’t stop it in its tracks. Or, at least, if they do for others, they sure as hell don’t for me.

Mind you, my experience wasn’t helped Continue reading