A message for my Friends on Twitter…

Tweeps: In the event that I do pop my clogs at some point this year (sorry, but it’s possible, there’s just too much wrong – I was surprised to make it out of last year alive) , I’ve made arrangements, via a friend, to see that you’re notified as soon as possible.

Right now, though, I’m Continue reading

A Happy New Year to Everyone who doesn’t live in Downing Street, Westminster!

I hadn’t intended to write an end of the year post, but what the hell . . .

2011 has, arguably, been the worst year of my life, blighted by medical care, in Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral, which can only be described as abysmal, culminating in their omitting to record their diagnosis of heart failure, compounded by my GP’s failure to follow up, and by a GP with a “special interest in cardiology” who, frankly, set herself so firmly against the idea of my having heart failure that she refused to accept that my classic heart failure symptoms are actually caused by heart failure, though she had no interest in finding an alternate cause, nor did she have any suggestions.

So take a bow, Dr. Continue reading