Revisiting Twitter’s retweet censorship…

Some time ago I complained about Twitter deleting retweets of contentious tweets and tweeted blog posts – they still are.

Since then, though, I’ve set Twitter to email me whenever someone retweets anything of mine, and it’s become apparent that not only are retweets still being deleted, some aren’t even reaching me at all.

Some, but by no means all, of the missing Tweets are still visible on Android Twitter, but are gone from web Twitter, MetroTwit (which I normally use), and TweetDeck, which Continue reading

Unlimited workfare for the sick and disabled – Cameron’s Pogrom…

The Guardian stands accused, today, of cheerleading the Coalition’s unhinged activities. OK, the guy is clearly a troll, but so far over 1,300 people agree with him. How can so many get it so wrong?

Before the general election, the Guardian backed Clegg, not knowing – just like everybody else – what a power-mad, unprincipled, bastard he’d turn out to be after the election. And also not knowing that LimpDem MPs had not a single functioning gonad between them. Or even Continue reading