Twitter – a look at the reality…

Which, I hasten to add, is not at all as you’ll see Twitter portrayed by pretty much any journalist, not least because, as they do with bloggers, many see Twitter as a threat (breaking news can be disseminated far faster on Twitter than it can be in a newspaper, for example – the Continue reading

Yodel bullying Twitter into taking down tweets and closing accounts.

Yodel have got their lawyers to bully Twitter into taking down tweets, and closing accounts critical of them (HT The Wall).

Now I was a major critic of Yodel some time back, in a total of nine blog posts, starting here. There were quite a few tweets, too.

This is the solicitors’ letter (it’s published on The Wall’s blog so as far as I’m concerned it’s in the public domain):- Continue reading

The Queen’s English Society is wrong to just give up . . .

The Queen’s English Society, which has railed against the misuse and deterioration of the English language, is to fold.

For 40 years the society has championed good English – and hasn’t been above the occasional criticism of the Queen’s own standards of English – but it has finally conceded it cannot survive in the era of textspeak and Twitter. (Guardian)

I have a degree of sympathy with that point of view, but none at all with the idea of giving up on our language as a lost cause.

That English, like any other language, evolves is a given. That it’s being bastardised by people too dumb to give a shit is also a given. Cyril Kornbluth’s Marching Morons really are on the rise, and they outnumber those of us who actually do care how our language develops.

Largely getting grammar, punctuation and spelling wrong is not, though, evidence of a language evolving, it’s evidence that Continue reading

It’s not the Taj Mahal, it really is a Mosque…

Like many others, I went along with idea that EDL co-founder Tommy Robinson is a pillock, calling the Taj Mahal a mosque.

However, like many on Twitter, I didn’t bother to check the image on Twitter’s welcome page against a pic of the Taj Mahal. Which is a pity, because it’s not the Taj Mahal at all, it’s an actual mosque. Oh, the horror!

Or not.

I got Continue reading

A brief, personal, look back at 2011 (and a peek at 2012)…

Well, as I’ve said elsewhere (possibly to the point of tedium!), I’m happy I’m still here. Better yet, I’m actually feeling much more positive. Physically, I’m much the same (crappy, but least I’ve stopped going to sleep wondering if I’ll wake up, and not really caring if I didn’t), but psychologically there’s been a huge improvement.

So much so, in fact, that I’ve invested in a Continue reading

Things not to do on Twitter…

…and quite a few that you should.

There’s an increasing tendency, on Twitter, for people to simply tweet random, orphan, rants, without telling the rest of the Twitterati in their timeline what the bloody hell they’re talking about. I’ve unfollowed the worst offender, who would generate whole strings of abusive and offensive tweets,** all day long and half the night, with no indication as to whom they were aimed at, or why.

**I deeply resent, for example, the word Continue reading

Close Twitter and Facebook? There’s no point…

There are times when I wonder if this carpetbagger government is simply extraordinarily stupid, or whether they are just power-mad. Or both.

Take Louise Mensch, for example. There she is, in the Guardian (and on TV last night), supporting Cameron’s insane call for a shutdown of social networks and calling for a “temporary shutdown” of  Twitter. I’ve no idea how tech-savvy Shiny Dave is (Blair, his hero, was hopeless), but Mensch is to be found on Twitter, a lot, so should know better.

One of the most prolific tweeters of those I follow, currently, is Continue reading

Lies and idiots on Twitter…

Update: Problem solved – it appears Bert had been hacked and not actually sent me a message. My being unfollowed is still odd though – must see if I still am. So, be aware if you get a similar DM.

The above DM was left on Twitter on Thursday, August 11. I don’t really know who this guy is, other than that he followed me on Twitter nor, indeed, do I have the faintest idea what the hell he’s on about. Continue reading

Smartphones and Twitter – middle-age obsessions?

Over at the Guardian’s CiF, there’s an article entitled “We middle-aged tweeters are the real addicts”. I’m not convinced by the arguments, that we’re obsessed with our smartphones, Twitter and Facebook – many people of my age seem positively in awe of smartphones (though those that have them just have to play with them conspicuously!). Interesting, by the way, that the writer, Sophie Radice, sees mid-forties as middle-aged. Hell, I see mid-sixties as middle aged, but then, I’m biased.

One thing Radice said, though, was revealing:- Continue reading

No job? No social housing for you, pal…

Twitter is home to a fair-sized population of stupid buggers, and this probably deserves a Most Cretinous Tweet of the Day So Far Award:-

A rule that only families with someone IN WORK could get a council home would send a much more constructive signal.

Seriously? And to whom? And since families with nobody working can’t possibly afford private sector housing, what are they supposed to do? No doubt such a policy would bring joy to the Daily Mail tendency but, out here in the real world. with real people, it would be positively criminal to implement such a policy at a time when unemployment is rising.

I’ve been in that position – both my wife and eye were unable to work due to disability/illness – and had my wife not had a substantial, retired-on-health-grounds, pension we certainly would not have been able to afford our private-sector flat.

And as I know only too well, it is all too easy to become a family where no-one is working, and through no fault of one’s own, and to penalise people further by denying them a roof over their heads is obscene, though  I suppose this dumb bastard would have had us living in a tent or, perhaps, a double-wide cardboard box.

The crux of the matter is that families – and this could just be a couple, not necessarily a couple with six kids – are the ones who actually need social housing, not always the ones in work who can, perhaps, afford the private sector.

I’d really love to know what sort of “constructive signal” the message that you’ll be homeless if at least one of you doesn’t have a job is supposed to send.

Looks pretty fucking negative and elitist to me.