The disabled get screwed – again!

The Right Payment Programme

Source Disability Alliance

What is it?

The Right Payment Programme (RPP) is a new system for checking that your disability living allowance (DLA) claim is correct. It was introduced in May 2007 without prior consultation and with no publicity to replace the Periodic Review (PR).

The RRP takes a sample of 12,000 DLA cases each year (there are 2.5 million people on DLA). Of these, 3750 are chosen at random and the remaining 8250 cases are chosen from those awards, which Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) research has shown, are most likely to change.

Does it apply to everyone?

Under PR, a large proportion of DLA recipients with chronic health/disability problems were exempt from review. Under RPP, you are only exempt if your claim has been awarded within the last 12 months or if you are terminally ill.

What happens with RPP?

You will be sent a form to complete and return by post. This completed form is then considered by a special team of decision makers. If these decision makers consider there has been a change in your entitlement they will change your award. In some cases you will be contacted and asked to supply more information before a decision is made.

Can I get help with this form?

You can ask someone who knows you to help you complete this form. You can also get help at a local advice centre, such as a citizen’s advice bureau. You can get more information about this from our factsheet F15, Finding a local advice centre, which is available at

Sign the petition – do it now!

RPP will be reviewed in late December 2007 to see if any changes need to be made to the system. You can petition the prime minister regarding the right payment programme at