Pressure-cooker problems, and emergency computer power…

Last year I bought myself a new electric cooker, one with solid plates, and for one very good reason, they’re very easy to keep clean. For spoonies, that matters – a lot.

A lot of people, however, dislike solid plates as they’re slow to respond to the controls, being made of cast iron, which is slow to heat up, and slow to cool down. However, in normal cooking it is a simple matter to adjust your technique to suit these characteristics, turning Continue reading


Problems with My Espresso Ltd – Update…

Got my money back – the refund appeared in my account this morning – and they went right down to the wire with it.

However, if you have similar problems, be aware that I’ve been told by Consumer Direct (the organisation that’s been inserted as a buffer between the public and Trading Standards) – and hey, you’ll just love this – you can Continue reading

UPS – Utterly Pointless Signage…

I’m sitting here waiting for UPS to deliver several packages, and peering bemusedly at their tracking applet, which, as always, tells me as close to bugger all as makes no difference. In these GPS-everything days, why isn’t it possible to show the actual location of the van?

Telling me that my packages were loaded at 06.08 today is singularly unhelpful – especially as delivery can Continue reading