A Rather Good High-Protein Winter Soup…


Had a bad day when I made this, and also dropped a plastic jug. What did it land on? My bloody ulcer! A mere 137g of plastic has never caused so much pain! Plus, the plumbing, hidden deep inside a wall, decided it had had enough, and let go, so the plumber was here searching for the leak’s actual location (eventually found it – they’re coming back today to fix it).

Anyway, amid the chaos, I needed soup, but with all the buggeration it had to be something fast and simple.

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A new recipe is waiting in the wings…

Yesterday I spent the afternoon roasting vegetables – cauliflower, parsnips, and the humble swede. Why? Simple – it really enhances their flavour when used in soup or a casserole. And roasted cauli is pretty damn good served as a vegetable, while using it with Rooster potatoes (not roasted), gave me one of the best soups in my repertoire to date.

One thing I discovered, though – my mini oven does a far better job of this than my cooker’s oven – the reverse of what I expected.

What I’ll make with it is a veggie variant of an old favourite which, because free range and/or organic chicken portions (thighs and/or drumsticks are best), are absurdly expensive (about £15 a kilo, compared to around £3 – £4 a kilo for a whole bird), I haven’t made for years. It’s also a good time because I have both King Edward and Rooster spuds, and both are very good in this.

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A good soup by (and for), a cuddly bloke on a diet…

And both are yours truly…

I make this a hell of a lot, a veggie friend is quite fond of it too, but it’s one of those recipes that exists only in my head. Not necessarily a bad thing – that’s where the vast majority of my recipes live – and only about 70 or 80 have ever been written down.

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A Recipe: Vegetarian Sausage and Cannellini Bean Casserole – Warning…

Well, I made this, exactly as described. And I don’t think I’ve ever cooked anything so irredeemably awful.

The sausages were insanely salty and, after I’d fixed that, tasted of bugger all! They also had the texture of boiled, stale, bread.

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A Recipe: Vegetarian Sausage and Cannellini Bean Casserole…

Note: This is a provisional recipe, to be made tomorrow or Monday, depending on how well I am. I’m confident in it, though, and any changes will be minor. I’ve spoon-rated it, as I’ve already made the meaty version of it.


Tomorrow, spoons permitting, there will be cooking perpetrated. My leg is healing, and I can finally stand without excruciating pain – for a little while, anyway. It still complains if I take liberties.

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