Spicy Vegetable Soup Again…

I made a version of this some time back – it was horrible! I used an ingredient I’d not tried before – frozen soya beans. Big mistake. This time I’m sticking with well-tried ingredients and, with that end in view, I made this soup yesterday and wrote it up.

And then, this morning, I realised that with this post, I’d already addressed that error and completely forgotten about it. Ironic, really, as I wrote that as a test of my memory.

However, given what it cost me in pain to make this yesterday (my sodding GP won’t comply with my surgeon’s instruction to increase my morphine and get my pain under control), and given that it’s a pretty damned good vegetarian version, I’m letting this post stand as it’s simpler than the one linked to above. Substantially different too.

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Bottom of the Fridge Soup Part 297…

I’ve just broken my own rules, and eaten a bowl of freshly-made soup. It was amazingly good – this is the (vegetarian), recipe.

When I was hauled off to hospital last week, I’d just filled the fridge with fresh veg. Given that my shortest stay last year was10 days, I had visions of coming home to a fridge full of brown mush.

Actually, these giant “American” fridges keep veg in remarkably good condition though, flying in the face of received wisdom, the veg does have to be over-bagged and tightly sealed or the circulating frigid air has a desiccating effect on it, and I hadn’t done it.

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