Ingredients for my Christmas Venison Casserole-cum-Pie Filling…

My reasons for writing this recipe in potentia are two-fold – as an aide-memoire, converting it to a finished recipe as I cook it and, also, as an incentive to get out in the kitchen and get on with it – which would be easier if I felt better. I’ve finally got my increased dose of morphine – it’s not enough! If the pain is any indicator, the circulation in my right leg is shutting down – I need to ask the nurses if they can find a way to check that without making matters worse.

Anyway, whenever it happens, this will be frozen in portions so it can be used as either pie filling or casserole, depending on how well I’m feeling on the day.

There will be:-

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A Casserole of Venison with Sour Cherries, Dried Apricots, Red Currants and Herbs…

I have, on my chopping board in the kitchen, what purports to be 900g of diced venison. Highland Game brand, from Sainsbury’s – deeply unimpressed and I posted an unfavourable review. Be interesting to see if it’s published.

I say purports because it’s sure as hell not diced, just randomly hacked up – I’ve seen better-presented roadkill. And some of it is mush, as if it’s been dragged off the hill behind a Land Rover (rather than farmed, which is what is actually is). I spent an unseemly amount of time surgically removing skin and connective tissue and generally making it eatable. Why the hell people with absolutely no knife skills are employed to prep meat I shall never know. Well, OK, there are, doubtless, more people without the requisite skills than with, so, here’s a thought – train the buggers if you have to. And that applies to all supermarkets, not just Highland Game.

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