A Culinary Experiment Update…

The soup, reheated after an overnight stay in the fridge, turned out very much better than I’d hoped for, though with not a great deal of potato flavour. The leek flavour came through very well though, so ignore my suggestion to double the quantity.

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A Culinary Experiment…

See also A Culinary Experiment Update.

Winter looms, and the soup season is soon to be upon us, though the more perceptive among you might have noticed that, here at least, it’s never entirely gone away.

I’m quite partial to leek and potato soup, not least because of its simplicity – leeks, spuds, stock, herbs, seasoning – what’s not to like?

But because the arthritis in my hands has recently gone from inconvenient to WTF???!, peeling ice-cold spuds straight from the fridge is something best avoided, so I wondered – how would it be using Smash instead?

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