White pickled eggs – for pity’s sake why?

This is a novel question from my search engine list; “how can I keep my eggs white when pickling them?”

The answer is as simple as it is horrible – use spirit vinegar, which is vile. If you’re going to do that you may as well buy commercially-pickled eggs, which are in spirit vinegar.

**Since I wrote that, distilled vinegar, which is clear, has become more easily available from supermarkets, and that’s distilled from malt vinegar, and will taste way better than spirit vinegar. Then, most things do.

But what do you want them white for anyway? Aesthetics come a long way last when it comes to food – taste is paramount. I’ve pickled eggs in white wine vinegar, which tints the eggs a pale beige, cider vinegar, which is a bit darker, and malt vinegar – dark brown. All Continue reading

Pickled eggs at home…

Pickled eggs were once the mainstay of British pub snacks, especially in the northern counties, long before anyone thought of mass-marketing salty, deep-fried lumps of bristly, fatty, pig skin as actual food items. You’d have to visit a hell of a lot of pubs before you find one these days, though, and, when you do, it’ll more than likely be pallid and hideous, preserved in tasteless and viciously acidic spirit vinegar, or even just dilute acetic acid (neither having the complexity of proper vinegar), and without spices, instead of Continue reading