A need for brain-stimulating entertainment…

Which, of course, totally rules out daytime TV!

Having been stuck in here for nearly 5 months now,** and likely to be so for the foreseeable future, I’m getting desperate for new ways to amuse myself and, getting to the age at which dementia lurks in dark corners, I’d also keep my mind active – and found myself looking at the Xbox 360.

**The idea that I could start going to the pub again – swilling a gallon of beer before starting on the serious drinking – has Continue reading

David Cameron – a disgrace to humanity?

Yes, absolutely, the man really is a disgrace to humanity – yesterday he was the only person trying to make political capital on the back of the horror that was the Edlington trial. People just don’t come any more despicable.

“Broken Britain**” my arse – the fault lies with Continue reading