Liberal Democrats, the Welfare bill, and Reality…

Everybody was hopping up and down with glee last night over the Lib Dem conference resolution that Lib Dems in government should oppose the 12-month time limit on ESA. This is being hailed as a success for the disabled community.

They also voted in favour of people appealing against Work Capability Assessments being be eligible for legal aid, from which the government wants to exclude them.

They voted for the work capability assessments to be made “less stressful”.

And, finally, they voted for a review of Atos’ performance in carrying out medical assessments.

None of which I would argue with, but I would question their ability to actually achieve any of it.

Then, this morning, the Guardian’s online front page trumpets “Nick Clegg signals combative approach to coalition describing Continue reading

The Welfare Bill and the Guardian – a snapshot…

Welfare bill penalises cancer patients, screams the Guardian.

Utter bullshit. It penalises every single chronically sick and disabled person in this benighted country, along with anybody who is likely to become so in the foreseeable future.

Cancer patients might be more dramatically newsworthy but a great many people are Continue reading