Getting a quart into a pint pot…

As of next week I shall have 4 wheelchairs in use – and room for only 2. Plus a Class 3 scooter, currently unused.

I have a Quickie Ti (titanium-framed rigid chair), which I’m converting into a trike with a FreeWheel kit (coming tomorrow), a Quickie Life (custom-built folder), a Shoprider Lugano midwheel-drive powerchair – my main chair – and a Betterlife Aries, a very basic, rear-wheel drive, powerchair, which I’ve just put back into service after discovering the Lugano is incompatible with taxis – the midwheel configuration stops it going up the ramp as when the front casters are on the ramp, the drive wheels come off the ground. A longer, shallower, ramp is the answer, but that’s out of my control, or being allowed to take a run at the ramp, and let momentum carry me past the critical point, but the driver was convinced I’d overshoot and wreck his car!

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