Windows 7 and TP-Link wi-fi adapter weirdness…

Those of you who’ve been paying attention of late will know I have a shiny new PC, running Windows 7 and Office 2007 and, now I’ve got my head around the sheer, bloody-minded obtuseness of the latter, especially Word, I’m very happy.

There was an amazingly annoying, and initially elusive, problem though.

When typing, in Word, Twitter, or anywhere else, online or off, every few words the cursor would go skating up the page, and the insertion point would go too, leaving me typing blanks.

Simultaneously, Continue reading

Changing from XP to Win 7…

Yesterday I abandoned my long love affair with Windows XP and upgraded to Windows 7 which, frankly, sucks, being fragile and unstable, at least as far as Windows Explorer is concerned.

You must have seen those dorky ads MS used to run, with people claiming “I’m a PC!” and that they were personally responsible for elements of Win 7? Well, if they were responsible, it must have been on the days when they were let out of the asylum for a bit of fresh air. Continue reading

Have Microsoft lost the plot?

I don’t know if the assorted tossers and retards on the UK Windows 7 TV ads are an international phenomenon, or aimed purely at the UK. Either way, they are an insult to pretty much anyone’s intelligence.

I’ve had a copy of Windows 7 sitting on my desk for weeks now, and I’m seriously losing the will to upgrade because I have absolutely no desire to be associated, in any way whatsoever – even if only I know – with this bunch of losers.

All of whom apparently think they’re computers – “I’m a PC and I’m a – twat!”

All these ads say to me is that Continue reading

Beware of Windows Update…

I have Windows XP running, among much else, Office 2003. However, for the last 72 hours Windows Update (WU) has been trying to foist upon me scores of MBs of updates for Office 2007, which I don’t have (or want, or need).

I don’t allow WU to operate automatically, but have it set to show me all updates, which gives me the opportunity reject those that are no use to me (wrong updates are not unusual), and, on this occasion, to reject all the useless Office 2007 crap.

I’ve no idea what would have happened if all these updates for apps I don’t have had been installed automatically but, apart from taking up disc space, I Continue reading