Using Word for WordPress posts – no problem…

I’ve written about this before but, considering the misinformation on the subject that is still appearing in the WordPress forums, I though it was worth repeating – you can write your blog posts in Word, and transfer them to the WordPress New Post pane. Done correctly, there is absolutely no problem. It’s what I do and, apart from a brief period when I was new to WordPress, I always have.

Why people who really should know better insist, in the face of pretty obvious evidence to the contrary (see below), that you can’t use Word to write your blog posts, I really have no idea. Either they’re Continue reading

Writing your WordPress blog posts in Word…

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Writing your posts in Word then transferring them to WordPress is a breeze – but you must do it right.

When I joined WordPress, one thing I didn’t like was the text input pane on the Add New Post page. True, you can expand this to full page, but I find it a little clunky, not least because of the small font (yes, I do know how to make it larger, that’s not Continue reading