They’ve got Phorm…

You may have heard of Phorm – they’re the scumbags that, with the complicity of your ISP, plan to hijack your personal data – i.e., everything you do via your browser, including bank and other sensitive information – and use it to foist unwanted but targeted advertising upon you.

A BT trial started today – they’ve run two already, bet they didn’t tell you, and it’ll likely gain wider distribution as time goes on. There’s a huge groundswell of opinion against Phorm, and am anti-Phorm petition at with, at the time of writing, over 18,000 signatures.

There’s software, called AntiPhorm, which as far as I can tell is far too clunky – I can’t make the bugger work, and every time I fix one problem, it throws up another. One way to fix Phorm is to block the website in your browser, as that’s the website that delivers Phorm’s cookies. If it works, this seems like the simplest solution. For Firefox, the TrackMeNot add-on does an excellent job of misdirection – note that it doesn’t enable automatically on installation. Right-click the TMN icon, bottom right of the browser window, select Options and check Enable.

If Phorm is new to you, check this out from where I filched the website fix, above.