Ed Miliband and the mental health problem…

Not for the first time, I find myself wondering exactly which planet Ed Miliband inhabits.

In his first major speech since the Labour Party conference he said that, just as Disraeli addressed the national challenge of sanitation in the 19th Century, and the foundation of the NHS followed in the 20th Century, the mental health challenge facing the UK must be addressed this century.

“One in four of us will have a mental illness at some point in our lifetime,” he also said.

He said, too, that, while Continue reading

Taking back the NHS?

Today, at the TUC march in London, Ed Miliband said that, if elected in 2015 “on day one we end the privatisation experiment on the NHS”. Brave words? Or deeply cynical and a touch mendacious?

60 or 70 years ago, nationalisation without compensation was possible. The original owners would scream and shout, but eventually it would be a done deal. The world, however, has Continue reading

A message for Ed Miliband…

Ed Miliband: ‘this will be a one-term government’ (The Observer)


Don’t bank on it, Ed – not unless your party finds itself a leader who isn’t a Tory in the wrong-coloured tie, and who hasn’t completely lost track of what being leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition means.

What it means, Ed, is that you don’t Continue reading

Voting for the Tory Superparty in 2015?

According to the Guardian, Ed Miliband said cutting the top rate of tax was the wrong priority and the focus should be on reinstating working tax credits for up to 200,000 working couples “trying to do the right thing”.

Laudable on the face of it, but the implications of those six words in quotes need some thought.

Working couples are trying to do the right thing – which, by extrapolation, Continue reading

Labour needs an effective, leader – step forward, Yvette Cooper

I thought at the time of Ed Miliband’s election, that Labour got the Wrong Brother – and they did. Had it not been for the union vote, they’d have got the right one.

14 months on, and Ed Miliband is still failing every Labour supporter in the land by assuming the guise of a second-rate Tory, along with many other members of the PLP. His only achievement so far – if achievement is the right word – has been Continue reading

Where are Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition when you need them?

Ed Miliband is not just a man without a decent tailor, he is also man with no interests at all in what the country actually needs, just intent on completing the process, begun by Blair, of dragging the party even further to the right, and that does not make for an effective opposition party or, really, any kind of opposition at all.

Right now, Miliband Minor, on the subject of the chronically sick and disabled, is as far to the right as Cameron – hell, he seems to be Continue reading

Wrong Brother Syndrome…

A slightly different version of this post appears here in the comments.

I thought at the time of his election, that Labour got the Wrong Brother – and they did. Had it not been for the union vote, they’d have got the right one.

Six and a bit months on, and Ed Miliband is the invisible man on a scale not seen since the days of Ted Heath. Whatever he might be doing with Labour behind the scenes, as leader of the opposition he’s totally Continue reading