Bread-making with a new fan oven…

15 years ago, when I moved to my current building, an elderly fridge and cooker came as part of the deal. Last year, as they were all getting a bit long in the tooth (about 30 years old), the management company “gifted” them to the tenants – by which I mean saddled us with the inevitable replacement and removal costs!

I never used the fridge, it was Continue reading

Predicted slump in home ownership is a myth…

“Home ownership to slump to 80s levels” is a very popular headline today – it’s also extremely dodgy logic.

Apparently, high deposits and difficulty actually getting a mortgage are making it harder (but not impossible), for first time buyers. So far so good – but what possible effect Continue reading

The disabled as an underclass, without human rights…

I’ve said this before, about a year ago but, as a follow-up to my last post, “Cameron’s Reich” and others in which I drew comparisons with the Jews of Nazi Germany, and the plight of the sick and disabled in this country, rapidly being stripped of our human rights, and now with travellers in the same predicament, it’s worth repeating Continue reading

Welcome to Cameron’s Reich…

As I sort of predicted, the ranks of the Untermenschen are growing. For the past year or so (longer if you count the lies of David Freud under Labour), the sick and disabled people of this country have been subjected to a war of attrition, disapprobation, and plain, old-fashioned, lies, from a government propaganda machine that would have had Joseph Goebbels wetting himself with envy.

We have, as I’ve pointed out, assumed the same role as Continue reading

Disability assessments and dignity – must they always be mutually exclusive?

A note for Atos.

Nobody is libelling you here but, equally, we, in the disabled community, have every right to criticise and question what we perceive to be a deeply defective system, and one which has a staggeringly malign influence on our lives. Atos – you are NOT exempt from criticism. Nobody is. Continue reading

Service providers – take a stand against Atos…

What are Atos up to? Do they seriously believe that they are above criticism? It would certainly appear so judging by their current, and arguably illegal, behaviour.

You may well have heard that Atos, who carry out medical assessments for ESA (and soon to be turning their baleful attentions to DLA), on behalf of the DWP, have been instrumental in getting several blogs and websites shut down which they consider have been libellous towards them.

But, and it’s a big but, Atos have not Continue reading

The Great Potato Rip-Off – Boycott it now…

Now then, when I buy Maris Piper spuds from either Tesco or Sainsbury’s at least a third of them – and often far more – simply are not Maris Piper.

I buy Maris Piper purely for chips, crunchy on the outside, fluffy inside (yes, I know it’s a cliché – it’s also true). Yet far too many of the supermarket spuds sold as Maris Piper have horrible, wet, flesh, which will never crisp no matter what you do with them, and taste nothing like the genuine article.

And this isn’t a Continue reading