Electrosmog nonsense.

I wrote this post based on a totally erroneous idea. I’m publishing it to show how easy it is to write garbage with the best of intentions – read on.
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Censorship and inaccesible toilets.

Earlier in my stay in APH I tweeted about poor – as in zero – communication between medical staff and patients; about plain, old-fashioned cock-ups; about the absurdly high noise level from the overnight staff (think half a dozen students, fresh from the pub and let loose in a kitchen).
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Off to hospital

Later today (Friday), I should be in hospital.

Frankly, the prospect terrifies me, not least because I’m now sure I have bowel cancer.

I’ll be updating Twitter when I can, but for technical reasons, not my blog, which also means comments can’t be processed.

My Twitter account is @rantsfromron if you want to check it out.