Is the DWP institutionally insane, or purely evil?

IDS has the lunatic idea that plunging chronically sick and disabled people into penury, starvation, and homelessness will magically stop them from being chronically sick and disabled, which pretty much defines both descriptions.

Here’s a thought, IDS – since I became unable to work I’ve been homeless, and penniless, and I’ve succumbed to starvation, and guess what Continue reading

Reclassifying ESA as an unemployment benefit – fiscal eugenics?

People are getting wound up, and rightly so, by Osborne’s lumping of ESA in with unemployment benefits, not with disability benefits, thus allowing it to be effectively cut by the imposing of a 1% increase (disability benefits aren’t affected).

However, the government has been referring to ESA as Continue reading

The lies of Cameron, Osborne, and IDS in 2010…

I wrote the following just prior to the 2010 spending review – interesting, and depressing, to compare what was promised with what’s happened since and what’s going to happen.

I would draw your attention to the section on the loss of DLA, near the end – the ramifications of which extend well beyond just DLA.


Spending cuts are coming – are you worried?

October 13, 2010 by Ron

Before we Continue reading

The doom of the sick and disabled…

Some of you will have read this on Twitter – I felt it wouldn’t hurt for it to become a blog post too, not least because I have a considerably wider audience now than I did then.

I wrote the following on September 13 2010 – the first time I linked Coalition plans for the sick and disabled  with those of the Nazis for the Jews in mid-thirties Germany – though by no means the last – and felt that the future is likely to contain workhouses, along with more misery, poverty, and death than I could get my head around at the time.

The only thing to change is that Osborne has faded, and Cameron stands revealed as the real villain, aided and abetted by IDS and his Lie Factory.

Frankly, though, it beggars belief that the sheer inertia of the population of this country means that it’s as true now as it was when it was written. Nothing has got better.

Indeed, the attitude of the public has hardened against us considerably, fuelled by the constant flow of lies from IDS, Miller, Cameron, and pretty much every other bugger in government, and I fear my prediction of an EDS-style anti-disability movement cannot now be far from becoming reality. Those as yet unaffected seem not to grasp that, at any moment, it might be their turn to become too ill, or disabled to work. What then, you smug, self-righteous pricks?

Let’s hope I’m wrong. I bet Cassandra thought that, too…


September 13, 2010:-

Who will control George Osborne?

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I keep saying this, and it keeps being ignored…

I’ve debated at length whether or not to publish this post, and I think I have to have one last attempt at making people understand.

As I’ve explained at great length, in several blog posts, starting over two years ago, plus even a permanent page, and I’ve done so politely, three times, and angrily once (and still my wishes are ignored), I cannot answer questions on whether or not you are entitled to a particular benefit – so there is no point in dropping your medical history in my lap.

Nor can I explain why you didn’t Continue reading

Atos – are they really entirely to blame?

It’s become “traditional” to blame Atos for the shortcomings of the ESA WCA and, to a degree, that’s fair enough. Let’s never lose sight, though, of the fact that ESA was structured to funnel disabled people onto JSA, with a minimum moving through to support, and that Atos are doing exactly what they’re being paid for. It was never intended otherwise – it’s a government-engineered cull as people transfer from IB to ESA, just as the transfer from DLA to PIP will be.

Placing the blame entirely on Atos is like blaming Continue reading

DLA – a judicial review?

The Disability Alliance is launching legal action to obtain a judicial review of the government’s policy on DLA. And not before time – I’ve been saying that some group with the wherewithal to do so should do so, and not just for DLA but for ESA too. See article here, on the BBC website (hat tip to Dawn Willis’ Inspiring Folks Daily).

And I sincerely hope it Continue reading

Want to fiddle benefits? Stay away from me!

All those fuckwits, over that last couple of years, who have accused me of helping people fiddle the benefit system, sit up straight and pay attention.

This has just plopped into my Inbox:-


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